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The thing about our parties, they are always a blast and there is always good food!

posted Aug 24, 2010 00:19:29 by RebekahWalsh
So Luci and I have gotten the Halloween bug early this year. We have spent several hours on the computer searching for neat craft ideas and "goryful" delicious recipes. We've found a bunch. One was a pudding eyeball candy that looked really easy, Luci is probably going to handle that one. Another idea that we found was a watermelon carved to look like a brain - that one is definitely a keeper! I plan on making my dirt cake as I always do. But when it comes to real food about the only thing I keep thinking of is soup. For some reason soup really sounds good and has now for weeks. So I'm searching for a good soup recipe. If you find any that are halloween inspired or just sound good point me in the direction and I'll check it out. What has everyone else been thinking of? Are we doing a pot luck this year or are we trying to keep it real simple?
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