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It just gets better every year

posted Aug 24, 2010 00:37:49 by RebekahWalsh
Chucktoberfest...quite likely the best party of the year. I'm not sure if it is because the weather is cool, the air is thick w/ the smell of autumn or that the bonfires are sooo much bigger, but something about Chucktoberfest gets me thinking about it in August and I don't stop until the day we hop in the car and head back home from Chucks.
When I tell people about Chucktoberfest they always seem amazed and amused. Amused because the name is kind of funny to say, and amazed because the descriptions of hay rides and costume parties, bonfires and four wheel driving, hiking and hanging out just sound like so much fun! It's usually pretty easy to convince someone that they want to go to Chucktoberfest.
Do you remember the year the boys decided to play paint ball for the first time? They got all geared up - I have a lot of pics, I'm pretty sure that was the last time that Dan and Brandi had come to Chucktoberfest.
How about the really early Chucktoberfests? Back when we had the party as a birthday party for the kids. Do you remember that? What are some of your fondest memories of Chucktoberfest? Was it the first year we got the outhouse? The year of 30 degrees at night - it got so cold we all ended up in Chucks house? Was it the year that Chad painted himself blue and remained that same bluish color for several days after? How about the first and only time Pumpkin Patch came to the party?

Share your memories...
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