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Ideas, questions and pics

posted Aug 17, 2010 22:32:57 by ChadParsons
Hey, people!

I wanna get an idea of what people are going to do for their costumes this year. Most of you should know the theme this year is DeadFestâ„¢ 2010, so come as either a zombie, or a zombie hunter! Here we can post pics, questions, ask for ideas, or just brag about what you're doing... I'm planning on doing a zombie Iron Man costume, from the Marvel Zombies series, and have some pretty cool ideas on how I'm gonna pull it off. (It helps that the new movie just came out, so I can find a good number of items pretty regularly right now. Better to spend $8 on a toy arc-reactor, rather than investing hours into making one, myself. )
Soooo... what're you folks doing? SPEAK!!

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PumpkinPatch said Aug 21, 2010 17:57:07
I was considering going classic myself - this is Becky by the way - since I'm "in the way" I was thinking of wrapping myself in toilet paper and calling myself a "mummy." hahaha. Now if that doesn't say zombie I don't know what does.

Luci changes her mind daily - Dora the zombie was an idea that was thrown around during dinner one evening. Today it's between spider man and gray matter zombie.

I wonder how many little ones are going to dress as zombies vs. zombie hunters. Personally I feel like we are going to see all the little kids as hunters and all the parents as the hunted :)
MorganStaleyFooce said Aug 23, 2010 18:00:09
BLOOD and more BLOOD!!!!!! That's the way I'm going. The kids keep changing their minds. I'm almost 100% sure Davis is going to be Ash Williams for the Evil Dead series. Hope you can help with that Rion. Beth says her dad may have an old chain saw that we can gut and use to make the hand piece. Mia wants to be zombie cheerleader. And William who knows he'll change his mind till and last minute.
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